Benefits for Persons


Find anything you want wherever you are! Through Space Spy, you can find the closest persons, your friends, or companies according to various criteria: distance, age, gender, what is he/she doing right now, or is about to do, nationality, language, hobby,..., etc.

More Info Find persons who are closest to you: e.g. you are able to locate people aged 18 - 40, who are right now 5 km away from you, speak Spanish, are computer programmers and are going to have fun,...

Find your people all around the world: are you going to Ibiza? Right now, you can find people who are closest to your destination, have the same nationality as you, speak the same language, or are just single,....

Find what you are looking for. Do you want to find a better job, part – time job, or do you want to get to know people with common interests? Would you like to know what are right at this moment doing your friends and where can you find them?|

Do you want to find anything, or to be found? All of this is allowed only if you want to – you can turn your location off or leave it available only to your friends.

Find the nearest companies. Wherever you need, you can find the nearest restaurants, hotels, doctors, banks, or companies that are offering jobs right now....


With just one click, you can connect with everyone! Have you found people or companies that match your search criteria? You can connect them one by one, select only some, or send a message at once to all email addresses!

More Info Via this message you can present yourself, or put a question. For example, you can ask selected bars in your neighbourhood whether they need new employee, ask attractive people who are near by you whether they want to date you, or play a sport with you, you can ask anything you want.
Add photos to your message and ask your friends for advice what should you wear, how they like your new hair cut, or what they think about some particular person...or ask anything you need to know, or compare...You will finally learn the truth! Because the answers are anonymous!

Make money with paid survays. If you want, you will receive questions and surveys from other members and then you can earn a commission for every answer.


Recommend us and get paid! Every day, you recommend so many things...great movies, good restaurants, clothes, and websites!!! We are used to doing it for free...affiliate marketing is a way of making money through your recommendations. It´s so simple!

More Info Sign into Space Spy and if you think that Space Spy is a good idea and could be helpfull for your friends as well, recommend us! It helps us to grow and you will earn a commision for every VIP member you refer.

Benefits not only for businesses

Find and Be Found!

On Space Spy, customers can easily find you on the basis of various criteria: type of business, distance, current status, state, nationality...,etc. A potential client is able through just one click can display the route from his/her current position to yours.

More Info Similarly, you can search for suppliers, purchasers, or potential clients.

Super - targeted advertising!

You can easily and precisely reach whoever you want, how many you want and wherever you want. You can connect with males, females, or solely with you want to target people within 20 km from your place? Or within 20 km radius around another city?

More Info Would you like to determine the exact age, nationality, skills, hobbies of targeted persons? All this and much more is possible only with Space Spy.

The best market research

It takes only a few moments to find out what you need to do. Target your respondents very easily according to the same criteria as through advertising. Ask your customers whether they are satisfied, conduct market research before starting your business, ask your future customers whatever you want.